Size Guide

Weighted blanket size guide 

Body Weight

Blanket Weight

Blanket Size

35kg - 55kg


80cm x 160cm

55kg - 80kg


94cm x 170cm

80kg +


100cm x 180cm

Size matters

When it comes to weighted blankets, getting the right size for your body is vital to ensuring you wake feeling rested.

To get the full benefits of deep touch pressure, your weighted blanket should be roughly 10% -15% of your body weight (and no less than 10% of your body weight). For this weight to work, it also needs to be evenly distributed over your body.

If the blanket is too big, some or most of the weight will be on your sofa, bed, or partner, not on you. This means you won’t experience the full benefit the weighted blanket has to offer. That's why our blankets are designed to cover the user, not their sofa or bed (and we're the only chunky knit weighted blanket in Australia designed this way).

While a larger blanket may be tempting and is currently what’s offered by other weighted blanket suppliers, it’s not what we recommend. All that extra weight will fall to either side of you. And unless your bed or sofa is having sleep problems, it’s all a bit of a waste.

Another thing to consider is the weight distribution of the blanket. Our blankets are naturally weighted with layered organic cotton and a small amount of lycra, handwoven into a chunky, luxe blanket that’ll not only give you your best sleep ever, it’ll look ah-maze-balls too.

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Unlike blankets weighted with beads or sand, our woven design ensures the weight is always evenly distributed across the whole body, without applying uneven pressure. And it won’t leak sand grit into your bed. Or make your bed look…. we don’t want to say ugly, so we’ll say unfortunate

Our sizes

Our blankets come in three different weights: 5kgs, 7kgs, and 9kgs. The different versions allow you to choose the right weight for your body while ensuring the size will cover your body and not leave all the weight beside you.

As all of our blankets are handmade, each one will be unique and the blanket dimensions may vary slightly, give or take about 10 centimetres. We've given you a rough guide below of the sizes and because of the mix of cotton and lycra, there is a bit of stretch in the fabric. So be aware there will be a level of leeway in terms of the exact dimensions of the blanket, this is not a design fault instead it is to be expected.

Child suitability

Weighted blankets are not suitable for children under two. Choose the lightest blanket for children, and make sure that they can easily remove the blanket from themselves unassisted before they start using it.