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Gorgeous blanket

This blanket has beautiful soft fabric and I’m really pleased with the purchase. I spent a good amount of time researching for an eco blanket that wasn’t made from synthetic materials and this is the only one I found in Australia that ticked all the boxes. When I’m not using it, it looks gorgeous as a throw blanket on my couch!

Love the look

I just bought this to replace my old, cheap weighted blanket which has beads clumping and pooling + is hard to straighten out during the night when you move. In addition to the fact that this blanket LOOKS really good, nothing moves around inside it and it stays straight...which is a dream.
I haven't had it for long, so no idea how it holds up over time yet, but it looks and feels solid. I do wish there had been more colour options, but aside from that, 100% happy with my purchase.

Amazing blanket

The blanket is warm and feels nice. I was surprised at how quickly it helped me sleep better, and instantly makes me feel calmer!

Looks Great and feels fabulous

I bought a blanket for my husband who has restless feet and gets overheated while sleeping
Both have improved since using the blanket
I Love the design and feeling of the weight on my body it makes you feel instantly relaxed.
After trying my husbands blanket I had to have my own and ordered one too!!
Well worth the money !!

Great Blanket!

I purchased this blanket for my mum for her birthday! It is well-made, high quality and aesthetically looks great! Her favourite time to use it is snuggled up on the couch watching tv. She said it gives her a great sense of calm!

The Rested Weighted Blanket

I purchased this blanket for my daughter for her birthday and she is thrilled - she loves it. Delivery was prompt and the blanket is a winner.

Give it a go! You wont regret it.

Being the energizer bunny that I am, I always have a hundred things running through my mind so I really struggle to wind down at night.

I also suffer from restless legs occasionally and can toss and turn quite a bit trying to get comfy for bed so I was very curious to try this @my_hybernation blanket.

I was impressed with how this blanket made me feel more relaxed, mentally and physically.

I hadn’t tried a weighted blanket before but it’s definitely something I can see having a positive impact on my well-being going forward.

I also found a bonus “non-advertised” benefit, Its great for nursing hangover anxiety too! (I spent a day under it on the couch testing that theory too haha)

Its also the only blanket on the market that ticks sustainability goals made and handwoven from organic cotton.

I’d definitely recommend trying this blanket for yourself - it also makes a very thoughtful gift to someone who likes the feeling of being assured by a big hug! It’s literally how it feels when worn this way!

Great Investment

We love our Rested Weighted Blanket! We were pleasantly surprised at how much difference it makes to our ability to quickly wind down and feel calm when using the blanket while resting on the couch. It looks gorgeous (we got the Quiet Shade), feels amazing and we would highly recommend it to anyone needing a good night rest or just to feel snugged. Thanks, Hyber Nation!

Best Blanket

I am so happy with my blanket! I am now able to enjoy a restful night of sleep every night. Not only has it improved my sleep but it looks and feels great too! I highly recommend this product!!

Great quality

Great sturdy blanket that isn't too hot for Aussie Summers, much better than other weighted blankets I've tried


I was pleasantly surprised at the amazing quality of my rested blanket. I have found myself using it every day whether resting on the lounge or to sleep at night. It has helped with restless legs and the weight is incredibly calming and helps me fall into a deep sleep. Thank you so much!