Our Mission

Because there is no planet B

We need to look after the planet we have, and that starts with changing the way we produce and consume products. Our goal is to leave this planet in a better state than we found it.  

It’s our mission to help you sleep better and reduce stress and anxiety so you can live your best life, without having a negative impact on the world around you.

When you buy one of our weighted blankets, you’re taking a step towards a better life. This inspires us to take our own steps toward taking care of our planet.

For every blanket we sell we plant a tree to help offset carbon emissions via the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund. 

Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund

For every blanket we ship out, we donate to the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund. This program uses donations to plant native trees on unused farmland, reclaiming the land.  

It not only means there are more trees in the world and help offset our carbon emissions, but it also strengthens biodiversity and restores natural habitats within the Australian landscape. 

Doing Our Part

We wanted to do more than just neutralise the carbon emissions we create. So from growing our organic cotton to your weighted blanket arriving at your door in an eco-friendly box, we take care to make each step of the journey ethical, sustainable, and positive.

We strive to only use materials that are organic and GOTS certified and have chosen a workplace that strives to eradicate poverty and level the socio-economic playing field in neglected communities.

We're the only premium ethically sourced and sustainably made weighted blanket supplier in Australia.