Sleep soundly with our ethically sourced and sustainable weighted blankets

GOTS Certified

We take great pride in ensuring our weighted blankets are made from materials that will help and benefit your night’s sleep without harming you, the environment or our team.

This is why we take care to only use GOTS Certified cotton and dyes, making us the only premium ethically sourced and sustainably made weighted blanket supplier in Australia.

100% Organic Cotton

Our weighted blankets are made from naturally and sustainably grown Cotton without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilisers. Our cotton is 100% organic, GOTS certified and grown under fair trade guidelines to protect both our workers and our planet.  

The organic cotton is combined with a small amount of lycra that is woven into a chunky yarn which is long-lasting and entirely biodegradable and compostable.

Environmentally Friendly Dyes

The dyes we use are also completely eco-friendly. Only azo and heavy-metal free colours are used to dye our blankets, and they’re not chemically softened or bleached with chlorine. All wastewater from the dying process is treated to make it pollution free and disposed of responsibly. 

The blankets are mechanically dyed and softened to ensure that you aren’t breathing in harmful chemicals as you sleep.