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For many years I’ve struggled with sleep. Working long hours seated at a desk has often caused restlessness and meant that my body and mind are unable to switch off after a long day. I’ve experienced insomnia, anxiety, muscle irritation and a lack of mental clarity and focus. Over the years, I’ve tried many different methods to improve my sleep quality; from using essential oils to memory foam pillows. I’ve tried it all, but nothing has effectively improved my ability to sleep comfortably. 

I was recently approached by Hyber Nation to take part in a case study on the effects of weighted blankets improving sleep quality. After many years of trial and error with other methods, I felt there was no harm in trying an alternative option and so I decided to give it a go. I had previously heard of weighted blankets, and while I liked the thought of them, I was very much opposed to the plastic beading used in a lot of products currently on the market. When I was approached by Hyber Nation, I was really impressed to know that their weighted blankets are made of organic cotton and are both sustainably and ethically sourced. I jumped at the chance to give their The Rested weighted blanket a go and was not disappointed.

The first night I tried the blanket, I decided to use it just covering my legs, and over the top of my doona, as suggested by the instructions. This was great as most of the tension in my body is held in my legs and ankles. I usually sleep with added pressure on this part of my body anyway to aid in reducing muscle tension. My body surprisingly adjusted very quickly to the change of using a weighted blanket and I found the deep pressure sensation both comforting and stress-relieving. I continued using the blanket over my legs for the first few nights and found I was falling asleep at a much faster pace. When I eventually moved the blanket up to cover my whole body, I was beyond impressed with the results. I was not only falling asleep quickly, but I would also wake up in the mornings feeling extremely rested and relaxed, internally and externally. My mental clarity was a lot sharper during my days at work and my body was not becoming as fatigued like it used to.

I’ve continued using the blanket on a daily basis and have noticed that I’m able to sleep in for longer on weekends now, rather than waking up on week-day time like I used to. I am beyond impressed with my experience using Hyber Nation’s product and am so satisfied to finally find an option that really works for me. The Rested weighted blanket is fantastic for improving sleep quality and ticks all the boxes in quality and design. This is a great option for anybody looking to improve sleep quality, relieve insomnia, and reduce overall stress.

Brynley King

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