At Hyber Nation, a good night's sleep will change your life

Did you know, according to research done by the Sleep Health Foundation, between 33 and 45 percent of us have poor sleep patterns? I did because my husband and I were part of this statistic. My search for answers is why Hyber Nation exists today. This is our story.

Seeking a serene slumber

Not that long ago, a good night’s sleep was an unrealised dream for my husband and I.

Even on the nights where we did manage some sleep, we woke up tired, lethargic and lacking energy. Deep, restful and restorative sleep eluded us.

The constant state of tiredness was relentless and it wasn’t sustainable to keep going on that way.

On my quest to find answers I discovered the power of weighted blankets.

Improve sleep. Reduce anxiety

The science proves it

Medical research and scientific studies have proven that sleeping under a weighted blanket improves the quality and duration of sleep. Ackerley R, Badre G and Olausson found that a weighted blanket helped:

- Increase restful sleep time

- Decrease  movements of the participants

- Settle you down to sleep

- Improve sleep

- To feel refreshed in the morning.

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Sleep with a clear conscience

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